Senior Show Reflection

When I look at my body of work, I see my interests and experiences reflected in the pieces. GlobalVision and my Italy book were inspired by my travels, the wedding rebrand was inspired by my love of wedding photography and design, my personal manifesto that served as a takeaway reflected my personal values along with my growing interest in hand lettering, etc. I think my work really shows the progress I’ve made in the past 2+ years as a student at Framingham state. When I first started in the program, I knew next to nothing about design and how to go about solving problems as a designer. Looking at my work now, I am very pleased with my progress I’ve made.

Putting together a gallery show was quite the process, but it really helped me narrow down specific projects that were more developed than others. The process also gave me a glimpse into what goes into putting on a show, the materials involved (and the money), and how teamwork is a huge part of the process. We had a really great group of students that work well together and I think that played well into the entire process of setting the show up. Setting up the show and seeing how all my work fits together was also helpful in seeing my process and how I approach my concepts.

As for future projects, I would really like to expand on the wedding rebrand. I want to work on creating a solid logo and a welcome booklet/package. I’d also like to work on my personal photography business by creating my own logo and business card. In addition, I’d like to develop my hand lettered quote book as well. I have the images and quotes, but I need to work on my concept more and the summer will be the perfect time to do that.


Mobile App Update: New look

I updated the color scheme of GlobalVision and made some changes to the set up of my mobile app.

Here’s the new link!

Mini Manifesto Mockup

I created a file in Illustrator for a mockup of my final booklet. I placed squares on their sides and overlapped them to create a template. The gray lines are markers for where to fold. I printed the template on 12x18in paper and cut it out to test the layout before I create individual squares.

I actually kind of like the lines and how they add more visually to the booklet but not sure if I should keep them.

Moodboards + Type Study

After interviewing Kendal, I created 5 moodboards based on the information I gathered from her and what she wants her brand to encompass. She favored #2 and #5, so I’m going to use those two as my inspiration for her rebrand! I’ve gathered her content and will be creating a new pricing sheet. I made a type study as well because she wants to switch up the logo she has now.


GlobalVision: Project Reflection

I have learned so much from this project, and have truly enjoyed every minute of creating content! I am passionate about the subject (a non profit, specifically focusing on Haiti) due to personal experience with not only nonprofits, but the country of Haiti itself. So I am close with my work. I also really enjoyed creating identity pieces. In total, I have a logo, business card, letterhead, 2 posters, a website and mobile app prototype, as well as a few clothing pieces.

I think the most difficult part of the process was refining and solidifying my concept. This project started a few semesters ago when our class was assigned an identity project where we had to create a logo and stationery. This is where GlobalVision came to life. Then last semester in another class we were challenged to create an awareness poster. I ended up creating two because I enjoyed my topic so much, and without realizing it, it was very cohesive with my old identity project. So I decided to create a whole identity package. I had some ground work done, but I had to figure out how to tweak it. I went through a couple rounds of different looks, but am very happy with what I ultimately came up with.

My process played a huge role in the end products. I made many variations of posters, business cards, and letterheads. For the logo, I had an idea for what I wanted, but I changed it multiple times. My experience with user experience played an important role in my process of creating a mobile app and website landing page. I started with just creating a screenshot view, but then continued and made an interactive app with InVision (link here). Process is so important because it separates you from your first idea. Your first idea is not always the strongest, so stretching your mind and finding different way to tell a story is necessary in the field of graphic design. Having a fresh pair of eyes also is very helpful in the process.

When thinking about whether or not I’m more of a maker or a thinker, I’d say it’s 60/40. I’m more of a maker, but can also be a thinker. With this project, I enjoyed making the pieces more than thinking about what it all means, but the concept is still extremely important to me.

I think the elements that play a key role in my work are the color, type, and symbolism. I used two tints of gray and orange. These colors are used throughout every single piece in my project. It is easily identifiable as GlobalVision. Same goes for the type. I used Meta, Sabon and Bebas. These are the only types used throughout, so again very easy to identify as GlobalVision. Symbolism is probably the biggest key role. GlobalVision’s logo is a globe, which is quite literal, but the forms used throughout the stationery are rounded forms to tie back to the form of the globe. The idea that GlobalVision is a nonprofit organization that is helping third world countries all over the globe is tied into the meaning behind the logo.

I am very excited about this project and hope that in the future, I can do more for nonprofits.

Hand Lettered Manifesto

This concept has been brewing since last semester. It has gone through various forms, starting as a book, using hand lettering over self portraits. Then moving to portraits of other people with their quotes hand lettered…and now this: a folded booklet with my personal manifesto hand lettered and strategically placed.

This project is more time consuming and involves more trouble shooting than I was anticipating. But I really like the concept and idea! I’ve spent a lot of time creating, trying different paper (PSA: vellum does NOT fold), placement of text, size, and various writing styles. Digitizing my hand lettering (the right way!) was also a new technique I learned. I tried throwing some color on it as well.

A classmate told me about which has come in really handy. This is a website where you download a pdf template, hand write the alphabet in upper and lowercase and scan it back in. The site then digitizes your handwriting and offers an OTF and TTF download.

The beginning part of each sentence is hand lettered and the rest of the sentence is in my regular handwriting, which I used the website for. I used Photoshop and Illustrator to digitize the other written components.

As of now, all my writing is digitized and I started placing them in their designated spots. My next step is to print and fold. The project is coming along and I look forward to finishing it! I need to find a way to display is as well, and come up with a packaging of some sort, maybe using an square envelope or twine.